by: omjb_loveydove

One thing I've noticed is this sudden appearance of patterns and prints everywhere. You can't help but get caught up in all the wild and crazy colors, floral prints, and paisley patterns. Spring is the time to break of of bland solids and brighten up your wardrobe! If you love what you see, click on the pictures and they will redirect you to the websites.


Shed those sweaters and long underwear and get in touch with your feminine side. Spring is here and with it comes a flurry of colorful fashion.

Whether you're getting ready to go to prom, invited to a spring wedding or just want to get all girly, there's plenty of beautiful dresses to choose from. These came from The aqua blue one reminds me of Bella's prom dress.


These TAYLOR-inspired tees are something I've been obsessing over for a while. For one, Taylor seems to love them as he wears them a lot too. The designs are unique, plus they remind me of the House of Night books (maybe because they remind me of tattoos and I'm currently reading Chosen) 

They can be found everywhere. These were found at and

Can you tell?... I can't wait till summer!!!


I love wearing jeans! They're comfortable and you can dress it up or it down. This silk halter top by Single Women goes great with a pair of skinny jeans!

This ultra feminine Juicy Couture top, is both romantic and sexy. 

For a more casual look, go with a cute jersey top. It beats wearing just a t-shirt!

This pair of Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans will be a staple in your warddrobe. It's worth the money to get a good pair that will last and will go with just about anything!

All items available at


By: Renesmee

Alrighty, as you can tell by the title, I'm not exactly a big fan of Valentine's Day. But, we were talking on the Lex ( ) about how Valentine's day would be amazing if we got to spend it with Taylor, so I decided to post here what I would wear if luck graced me with that opportunity:

Delia's Elizabeth Dress

Charles by Charles David Rosee Slide

Cute, right? At least I have pretty dresses and picnics on the beach at sunset to dream of this Valentine's Day!


by omjb_loveydove

 So as fellow Taycobbers were just talking about, we were hoping to be given the opporotunity to interview our one and only obsession ;) and what we'd be wearing on that special day. I was considering a cute top, skinny jeans or leggings, and the cute heels until I saw this dress. Chic, right? ;)

And these shoes... GORGEOUS. They'd work for either the dress or the top-and-jeans combo. Top-and-jeans combo yet to come!


by switzgal

I don't know about you, but I know I love carrying a bag that can hold a bunch of things. From a bottle of water to my favorite Twilight book (lol), these bags are a great way to finish off your outfit and keep you going for hours without stopping home for forgotten items. They're casual but pretty enough for a work to play kind of day!
(All available at

Tano Bucket Bag in Raspberry

Calvin Klein Pebble Bucket Bag in Black

Sondra Roberts Nylon Tote in Olive

Juice Planning Baggy Tote in Leaf


by: Renesmee

This spring and summer, the big thing is flowy skirts and dresses, mix n' match swimsuits, adorable flats, brilliant skinny jeans, and super cute and comfortable tops all in bright colors. Some of my faves that I've seen around so far are:

Delia's Orlee Knit Dress

Delia's Myra Rope Thong

Forever 21 Burnout Paint Splatter Tee

PacSun Hermosa Super Skinny Yellow Jeans


by omjb_loveydove

I have developed a love, well appreciation, for heels. Appreciation because they look cute, yet you won't find me in them as often as many women will wear them. However, there is one particular type of high heel that I absolutely ADORE: bow back heels. Any type of high heel that has a big, excessive bow on the back. I first fell in love with it when I saw the shoes on all the models featured in a particular designer's fashion show (can't remember who it was). I can envision this paired with a tutu type of dress, knee length, with a strapless bodice. I would've SO worn that to prom. Sooooo avant garde. ;)


by switzgal

OK so we're all "OBSESSED". Hence the title of this website! 
But being a shopaholic like me, I recently went "window shopping" 
and found that today's fashion, is indeed,  a Twilight fan!  
or at least a Bella Swan fan...

Check out these shirts...

Scarlett- Abercrombie & Fitch

Harmony Peasant Top- Forever 21

Taylor Gingham Shirt- Forever 21 (with that name-you have to have it!LOL)

pair them with some corduroys or some Levi's jeans and BAM ... instant Bella!


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