This is the best I've seen yet- really. I wish there were more clips of Taylor in other movies, so we could stop using Steven Straight, But we'll settle, won't we?♦


While Kristen and Rob were in France, they shot a video with questions asked by fans.
But this begs the question: Does Rob like Kristen?
Comment and see what you think!♦



I know I've been slacking, but I can't find a whole lot of new videos. When anything breaks it will be up here. Promise!



We get a treat this week! Taylor was seen walking around town with our favorite vamp Nikki Reed and our favorite human Kristen Stewart. I'm really happy to see Taylor isn't smoking, despite the bad influences walking beside him. Did I say too much?


Taylor shares with us a bad habit, which I don't think is bad at all. Don't stop Taylor! We love you even if you have a few in-noticeable habits. : )


Here's Bailey's (aka NoMoreMarbles) official YouTube channel above, and Kaleb Nation's Official YouTube channel, below. Check out their videos, and get a good laugh! Kaleb's book, Bran Hambrick: The farfield curse will be available fall 2009. Check it out!



This video premiered in the UK a few days ago, just one of my few obsessions:


Poor Rob looked so nervous presenting with Amanda Seyfried at the Acedemy Awards on Sunday. If Kristen were there, I would post that too, but she dropped out. So Check out Rob presenting "Romance 2008:"

And here's Rob being interveiwed by E! on the Red Carpet: 


Check out the trailer for Rob's new movie "How TO Be".

It will shortly be realesed in the US, along with the soundtrack.


For the JoBro fans that missed the boys perform "Video Girl" and "Tonight" on Saturday Night Live Valentines Day.



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