Looks like the wolf-pack is sporting some major muscles. What do you think?

Which wolf has the hotter bod?
Taylor Lautner
Alex Meraz

If you wanna know what Taylor's saying, check the description box on the youtube page.


I guess they had to change the song to Bring Me to Life by Evanescence but that's ok, I like that song for Twilight anyway. Actually it's better for New Moon. This is funny!!


Test your memory skills on Twilight here.



Here's another puzzle! This one's a bit more difficult but not impossible.  Since Taylor is currently in hiding, most of us aren't getting our Taylor fix, ha. Hope this helps! Enjoy! :)

- CindyBlack


Have you ever imagined yourself as Bella?

Well now you can become Bella here at this



Ok so there's no news about Taylor, New Moon or any casting news to read and post. So we have to find other ways to entertain ourselves, since we can't seem to think about anything else besides Twilight related topics!! 
Enjoy... (I know it's easy.)

- switzgal


So maybe you don't have a special someone for Valentines Day... Cheer up! You still have friends & here are my Valentine cards to you! More can be found here.



Take it from Edward: You don't irritate the Volturi unless you want to die.


Found this on YouTube. Kinda corny, kinda funny. Check it out.



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