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Welcome to the first Annual Obsessed Reading 2009! We here at Obsessed invite you to help us on the journey to read one million pages this year! Participation and rules are simple, email us the page numbers you read (an email can be sent every book, 10 books, 20 books, etc.) and I'll count them and add them to the number below. The rules are as follows:

1. Only numbers emailed will be counted, no other form of communication.

2. Must be a chapter book, not a picture book, article, paper, etc.

3. No one will be credited, just counted.

4. Remember, Team Taycob is trusting you that you actually read the book.

You can email here, and we're under way!

Pages so far. . .


. . . .and counting

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Occasionaly, Team Taycob does projects, goals, or events that the visitors participate in. They will be posted here.

Remember, if you have further questions, email us.

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