I love this book to death. There's plenty of action, suspence, mystery, and sadness all in a good mixture.

I thought there was a limit on fictional characters I could fall in love with - there's not. Fang stole my heart! Just another reason to love this book.
Score: 9/10
Note: There are multiple covers, it may not look exactly like this one.



The Host is Stephanie Meyer's adult novel. It is a slow read I must admit, but once the story picks up, you can NOT put this down. All the characters are just so interesting, and Wanderer, Melanie, Jared, and Ian will steal your hearts! The end was a little bit disappointing (I won't say why because that'll give everything away), but since the rest of the book kept me wanting more I'll give The Host 4.5/5 stars.



I love this series. Although it's another vampire book, it has a different kind of vampire. Blue Bloods are vampires that decide to take the good side and not consume peoples souls. There is romance, horror, and mystery all in one!


I loved this book! It is the first book in the series The Immortals. I give this book 9/10 stars! In this book there are supernatural happenings, hot guys, and romance. If you like all three of those you will LOVE this book!

Read the first chapter here.


If you enjoyed the Uglies series, as I did, then go out and pick up "Bogus to Bubbly, and Insiders Guide to the World of Uglies." Fantastic. It includes history of the post Rusty-crash, illustrations, explanations, and an excerpt from Westerfeld's new book. Believe me, this is a must have if you love Uglies.



I just finished reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I have this fascination of reading the book before I go see the movie and from the moment I saw trailers for this movie, I wanted to see it. Plus it's in 3D!

The book was very good and dark. I knew from reading the synopsis of the movie that it is pretty dark for kids to go and see. I highly recommend this book. It's a fast read and it's not that long. I squeezed it in between the House of Nights series (which I'm currently in the middle of Betrayed). After reading Coraline, I might read another Neil Gaiman book. This one is called the Graveyard Book. I will post it here once I'm done with that one!



This is a book I read because I had a deal with Maddy, she would read Uglies and I would read this.

It turns out, even though it was set back in the 60's, I loved it. It's sad, but really good. A true classic and a must have.



I have just finished Extras, and let me say, some of the best books I've ever read.

It's a really interesting book based 300 years in the future where everybody at 16 gets a extreme operation to make them selves extremely beautiful. It's a great read. I highly recommend it!



I am absolutely in love with Twilight. It is my favorite series and Twilight is my favorite book ever.

I just read The House of Night series. I loved it! It was very good. It seemed like it got better each book. The last is my favorite the 3rd is my second favorite the 2nd my third favorite and the 1st my last. I can't wait for the 5th book to come out. Hunted March 2009.

I also really liked The Hunger Games. It is one of my favorite books. I recommend it. The sequel to that comes out in September 2009.



I'm in need of a Twilight Series fix but lets face it, there are so many books to read that we should really start to move on .... OK ("move on" in a sense but not completely).

So I've heard many great things about The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Stephenie Meyers seem to love it and so it's in my pile of books to read.

Currently, I am starting the House of Nights series by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast. It's pretty good so far, but again I just started it.

I went to Stephenie Meyer's website ( and she's recommending a book called The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester.

I'm sure there are a bunch more suggestions out there so I'd love to hear from you guys.



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