What a Valentine's Day it would be if Taylor showed up on your doorstep holding a dozen red roses. A girl can dream...



02/07/2009 13:14

Nice choice!

02/07/2009 18:43

hahaha my friend and I were dreaming about if he showed up at our Valentine's Day dance and then I would tackle him and we were imagining it in slow motion haha

EJ (Renesmee)
02/09/2009 10:47

Squeeee!!! *swoon* That gaze is heart-stopping.

02/28/2011 17:40

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09/08/2011 01:03

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04/12/2012 06:04

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04/17/2012 03:00

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06/05/2012 20:30

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06/25/2012 19:16

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08/15/2012 21:16

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