So I was browsing through various clips of art over at deviantART and I came across this amazing Bella and Edward drawing, I just had to post it.  Do my eyes deceive me?  No!  This isn't a photograph, it was actually hand-drawn!  This is the most realistic Twilight art piece I've seen by far.  The artist totally captures the emotion and intensity of the characters.  I fell in love with R-becca's artwork, it's absolutely breath-taking.  You can view R-becca's gallery here, to view her drawings full size just click on the drawing itself.  Oh! and I sent a note her way suggesting a Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black drawing!  So if she gets 'un-swamped' and decides to draw one, I'll post it on here for all to see.  R-becca if you're reading this...You have some mad drawing skills! :) 

- CindyBlack



02/17/2009 13:08

Wow, I'm amazed. That's great.
So gald you posted it.
Thanks Cindy! I knew you'd be perfect for art!

02/17/2009 14:03


That's the most detailed and incredible twilight fan art I've ever seen!

02/17/2009 15:49

Awesome. There's so many talented people.. WOW.
Love this and I love that it's black and white pencil.

02/17/2009 15:59

straight out mad drawing skills. wow.

02/15/2011 18:44

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02/20/2011 18:12

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