I know that is not just general but I love it!!!

upon request, "dude I can totally see you taking that picture of me".



Amber (Nerd)
01/28/2009 14:12

Loooool! I love this picture. I know I've said it before (twice!) but I'll say it again: MINI BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!

Naomi (nafereti)
01/28/2009 14:24

I love this picture! To me the caption says "DUDE I CAN SEE YOU TAKING A PICTURE" haha... good choice!

Cye (switzgal)
01/28/2009 15:28

Just another day at the gym!! Taylor you are "OBSESSED" with working out!!!

Naomi (nafereti)
01/28/2009 17:20

Haha... thanks for adding my caption Shelly!

EJ (Renesmee)
01/28/2009 19:46

Does anyone else think that Taylor looks irritated here? I think he looks like he's about ready to deck the papz.

01/30/2009 15:01

AH! He looks... AH!!
I love this pic. It is my favorite one of him!

01/30/2009 16:24

he does look irritated, but I like this pic because he looks so casual and his hgair isn't standing up like usual and it look ... AH!

I hope he isn't irritated. That would be sad...

02/27/2009 13:03

I really like this picture. It's hard to find natural pictures of Taylor - he's always hamming it up for the camera! He needs to take more like this - very hot.

03/07/2009 15:36

I'm still lovin' this pic!

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