Taylor at the Vancouver Airport after accepting Twilight's KCA award for favorite book.  


Twilight came out on DVD Saturday and some twilight cast members stopped by to visit fans at release parties, no where near me though :(


New pictures of Taylor and the rest of the cast getting ready for New Moon came out this week.

Also Twilight comes out on DVD this Saturday. 


Taylor Lautner is in Canada now for New Moon.


Twilight premiered in Japan this week, that means lots of great Taylor picks!!!


It's less then a month till the Twilight DVD release, I haven't even decided which one I am getting yet.


Robert Pattinson's hair is finally growing back.

Also, it was confirmed that Rob will not be replacing Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, sorry ladies.


The Jonas Brothers at the 2008 Grammys.

Yes I am obsessed with them.


What a Valentine's Day it would be if Taylor showed up on your doorstep holding a dozen red roses. A girl can dream...


I know that is not just general but I love it!!!

upon request, "dude I can totally see you taking that picture of me".



    Hi I'm runswithwolves from the Twilight Lexicon, a proud team Taycob member and Taylor's right bicep!!

    I will try to keep the pictures general but I will most likely end up picking Taylor every week ;)



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