I love how Kellan says "You suck." I thought it was funny. Kellan and Nikki are so cute together! I am so a FANPIRE!




I know this is not a video, but as part of the Jonas Brothers Street Team, I feel this is appropriate to put here. Check where to see their new movie "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience."


Katt Perry's New Video 'Thinking Of You."


I love this photo shoot of Taylor for Popstar Magazine.


Love this interview. He' s so excited to be part of Twilight Saga


Thanks for the video Switz!


I thought Taylor's face in this was Hilarious!


Taylor in Shark boy and Lava Girl.


This video premiered a short time ago, it made everybody happy! Watched everyday, is proved to bring your happiness level up 97.36%!


This is Taylor's video for a school project.



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