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One thing I've noticed is this sudden appearance of patterns and prints everywhere. You can't help but get caught up in all the wild and crazy colors, floral prints, and paisley patterns. Spring is the time to break of of bland solids and brighten up your wardrobe! If you love what you see, click on the pictures and they will redirect you to the websites.



03/22/2009 17:08

I really like the first top! Very cute!

03/13/2010 16:25

The blue, white & yellow skirt looks amazing.. :)

09/27/2010 23:34

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11/11/2010 20:44

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01/12/2011 20:19

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02/17/2011 18:29

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03/09/2011 00:28

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07/09/2012 23:39

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08/15/2012 21:16

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