By: Renesmee

Alrighty, as you can tell by the title, I'm not exactly a big fan of Valentine's Day. But, we were talking on the Lex ( ) about how Valentine's day would be amazing if we got to spend it with Taylor, so I decided to post here what I would wear if luck graced me with that opportunity:

Delia's Elizabeth Dress

Charles by Charles David Rosee Slide

Cute, right? At least I have pretty dresses and picnics on the beach at sunset to dream of this Valentine's Day!



02/11/2009 16:11

Cute dress! I can't wear it though because it'll fall off me :( can't do strapless!!

I have to look for something to wear for Taylor's
b-day LOL!!

Sterling Snow
02/12/2009 14:34

I absolutely love that dress! Great choice:)

10/26/2010 23:20

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09/28/2011 02:19

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07/09/2012 23:40

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