Our winner is:

Name: Constantine Gemar Viros
Age: 25

I'm of Spanish/Philippine descent, living in Perth, Australia. I got into Twilight when I hid my younger sister's New Moon book because all she ever did was read and read and read. She would hide in her room and read them. I got worried because she hardly came out even to grab  the cordless phone and talk to her school friends. So while she was chucking her tantrums around the house, I locked my room and decided to read it. Immediately i related to Jacob's situation, having experienced it myself more than once. Feeling guilty I decided to give back the book to my sister in the morning but not before i finished it and have access to the first book as well. Team Edward or Jacob hrm... I would have to choose neither as I have both of them in me. Protective and Musical from Edward and Down to earth like Jacob.



02/13/2009 17:30

Congrats Constantine!! You have a knack for these!

Did you type up the names on the bottom of the poster? I want to do one (of course I couldn't submit since I help run the site...LOL!)

Anyway, love your stuff. Keep making great art!

PS. I'm also filipino!!

02/13/2009 19:50

Actually i didn't the New Moon
logo and actors, actresses, directors
and producers. Were made by

She was kind enough to let me use them
as long as she was credited for it.

Also more of my work can be found at

Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to showcase my work!


02/13/2009 20:03

Please we're honored to post your stuff. Contact us anytime you have something new and we'll see if we could post it.
See you at the Lex!

Sterling Snow
02/14/2009 07:47

This is a great poster, it was my favorite:) Great job, Constantine!

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