Here's some LP digital art for you guys.  One of my many obsessions is Linkin Park!  I love these guys, they're just awesome, period.  Of course when the Twilight Soundtrack was coming out, I was so excited to hear that Linkin Park was on it :)  And I'm hoping that they'll be on the New Moon Soundtrack as well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Let's keep Disney people off the Soundtrack eh?  FMA5 created this wallpaper, and even though he doesn't seem to think much of it, I really liked it.  The moon in the background stuck out to me, can anybody guess why? Ha. :) Go here to see it full view!  Combining two of my's just pure awesomeness. :)

Oh and FYI...R-becca, brilliant artist, has drawn         Alice Cullen.  So check it out!  And I'm still holding out for a Taylor/Jacob drawing; she said she would try to do one soon, as she has been getting many requests. 

- CindyBlack



    Hey! It's CindyBlack, here to bring you all things  Taycob and Twilight.  :) And one of my few obsessions just happens to be art! So check back and I'll keep you guys posted.  Now about me, I currently work full-time and I'm taking a couple of classes.  So I stay pretty busy.  On my free time I hang out at the Lex, go out with friends, and obsess over all things Twilight and of course Mr. Taylor Lautner. :) Hope everyone enjoys the site! <3


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