This song was actually suggested by Nerd (Thanks, Nerd!). This is what she had to say about it:

"I was listening to "No Fear" by the Rasmus and TOTALLY thought of Breaking Dawn, when Bella is giving birth and eventually becomes a vamp. And then at the end, just the music made me think of Bella turning and Jacob imprinting on Renesmee."

 I totally agree with this. "No Fear" as in, Bella doesn't fear her pending vampirism, she just takes the pain in stillness and silence because she knows what is happening. And at the end of the song, it changes key, and then goes all mystical and intense, which really reminds me of when Jacob imprints, too, because it is an intense experience. I think that if I ever found the person who I thought to be the center of the universe, it might be the kind of mystical music I would hear. It's like having a transcendent experience.




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I love Linkin Park My new fave is What I've Done. It reminds me of Jacob at the end of Eclipse when he decided to leave Jacob Black behind.


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