I love this song. It reminds me of when Sam found Bella in New Moon. This song and How to Save a Life by the Fray belongs in the New Moon soundtrack. An added bonus, this video is filmed in my hometown, Chicago!!! YAY, this video has a Batman feel to it, maybe it's because of all the shots of the tall buildings downtown. 



This song even says the word "Vampire" in it three times. It's not the best song, but the lyrics are fitting.

See them here.


This song was actually suggested by Nerd (Thanks, Nerd!). This is what she had to say about it:

"I was listening to "No Fear" by the Rasmus and TOTALLY thought of Breaking Dawn, when Bella is giving birth and eventually becomes a vamp. And then at the end, just the music made me think of Bella turning and Jacob imprinting on Renesmee."

 I totally agree with this. "No Fear" as in, Bella doesn't fear her pending vampirism, she just takes the pain in stillness and silence because she knows what is happening. And at the end of the song, it changes key, and then goes all mystical and intense, which really reminds me of when Jacob imprints, too, because it is an intense experience. I think that if I ever found the person who I thought to be the center of the universe, it might be the kind of mystical music I would hear. It's like having a transcendent experience.



Okay, so this website is all about our obsessions, and one of my personal obsessions is Coldplay! I LOVE this band sooo much!! Calm down, Jessica. Okay, anyways, this song reminds me (and apparently Stephenie Meyer, too!) of Jacob Black in New Moon when he becomes close friends with Bella and she starts to come out of her depression. Bella is broken in many ways, and Jacob is trying to "fix her". When I listen to this song, I picture a person who is on the edge of crying, and then at about 2:30 in the song, the music starts to change, and those tears just come flowing down the person's face.


For all of you out there who are thinking "Wow, how did she find that song?!", this is not coincidental, the Mitch Hansen Band is a Twilight-inspired band! It is about Jacob Black from the books, told from the POV of Edward Cullen from the books. This is a pretty funny song, IMO! 



Love this song for New Moon. Plus this fan made video is one of my favorites! This song definitely belongs in the soundtrack. It reminds me of how Jacob helped Bella during her darkest days after Edward left.


This song is dedicated to Jane!


I love Evanescence and this song Missing, as well as Bring Me to Life and My Immortal are on my Twilight Series Playlist. The lyrics to Missing reminds me of when Edward left Bella in New Moon.


This song is dedicated to Jacob Black!


This song reminds me of Jacob at the end of Eclipse, when he said goodbye to Jacob Black.


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