Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga has surely put many readers in a frenzy; I know for sure my life will never be the same again. This series opened up such a new world to me and it has been hard to find another book/author to "fill the void" in a sense.

On my way to find sanity, I read "Marked," the first book in the House of Night Series. It's setting is very similiar to Twilight, minus the werewolves (unfortunately!). The book is an alright read, ranked possibly 3 out of 5 stars to me. The summary of the book gave too much away and I was expecting everything that was supposed to surprise the reader. I couldn't get caught up in the climax of the book until the end, but by then it was obviously to late. It was the end! This was the sort of book that didn't necessarily leave me wanting more; I was just nosey to see how the story plays out. Hopefully "Betrayed," the second book, will be different.

I also got caught up in the "Uglies." Yet again, another series. This one didn't include anything supernatural (again, unfortunately no werewolves!) but the concept of the story was intruiging. It's one of those books that'll make you think and question society in a way. Or at least the society in the book. The characters are well-rounded, and I felt a slight urge similar to the urge I felt while jumping from book-to-book of the Twilight series to continue onto "Pretties." The titles just jump out at you too don't they? I rate this book a 4.25 out of 5.



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