1. Jacob Black is HOT (literally! you would save heating costs during the winter)

2. He's a bit of a bad boy (rides a motorcycle, steals you away frm school at lunch)

3. He's not perfect and concerned with keeping you pleased all the time (trying to keep up with Edward's perfection would be exhausting)

4. He has a sense of humor and keeps you smiling (really, who had you laughing thruout the books?)

5. He's a teenager with a hot bod (not a 100+ old man)

6. He's a great best friend (extremely loyal, would do anything for bella)

7. He's half naked most of the time (wink wink)

8. He's a spontaneous kisser (being told that you're gonna be kissed & to hold still would be irritating)

9. He's a pet & boyfriend in 1! (who wouldnt love having a big cute shaggy dog?)

10. He doesnt sparkle (sparkling is a little, er, fruity? bursting out of clothes, much more manly)



Just in time for Valentines Day.

Check out this site. They have some cute Taylor/Jacob shirts.



Reminds you of BD funny moments.

Edward, Bella, Jacob, Rosalie



by switzgal

According to Eyes of Amber, for the DVD release, NECCO is making sparkling hearts with Twilight references. There will also be New Moon ones coming out in November. I guarantee when Stephenie wrote that Jacob gave Bella a box of conversation hearts for Valentine's Day, she wasn't even imagining this outcome! There will even be Cullen Crest Sky Bars. You can read the article here. 


I thought this cartoon was so dumb its actually funny. Watch and judge for yourself.



The Taylor Team is having a New Moon fan-art contest. If you have made a movie poster, avatar, banner, anything, please e-mail me in the contact page. One art piece will be picked to be posted here on "obsessed." Thanks!



1. Throw a stick and tell him to "fetch"

2. Take him to the pet groomers for a haircut

3. Ask him why he doesn't glitter in the sun

4. Tell him Volvo makes better cars than Volkswagen

5. Ask him to stand in a freezer because he's too hot

6. Replace his pillow with one thats been used by a vamp

7. When he phases steal his clothes

8. Ask him if he ever drank water out of a toilet bowl

9. Paint his motorcycle hot pink

10. Buy him a Team Edward shirt




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