Wouldn't it be awesome if Taylor, Kristen and Rob presented an award at next week's Oscars (Feb. 22nd)?
Well if Hollywood knows what would make the ratings go way up, they should jump on the Twilight bandwagon and have these three present an award together.

There's been hints about it on eonline but it might just be Kristen. I don't know if Rob has recovered from the Twilight fandom yet and maybe he's still hiding out in London.


This group of people make spoofs for movies and post them on Youtube. I thought this one was so funny and I had to post it in the Entertaiment section because it is VERY Entertaining.


The funny thing about this is that they used the music from Harry Potter...


Watch and Enjoy!


Okay, tell me if I am seeing this right. Does Kristen and Nikki kiss at the time of around 0:50?


At the end is that Jackson who is lifting up Ashley and saying "I am taking ym wfy home after a long day of work."?


This is ym favorite photoshoot of all of them!:)


Before he became Twilight's mysterious Jacob Black, the Michigan native landed the career-starting role of Sharkboy in the hit 2005 flick The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. Not only did he show off his megawatt smile, but he also was able to flaunt his incredible martial art skills, which he acquired through years of training as a young boy. Taylor Lautner also sings a small part in this movie. You can check out the video on the Video page.


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Twilight Saga fans are so hyped for the second movie to come out that they are making fanmade trailers.

Twilight was such a big hit and New Moon will probably be one too!

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black is official. It was said before the Micael Copon might replace Taylor as the "Older" Jacob Black but fans stayed strong and fought for Taylor to stay.


Last year, we anxiously waited for Twilight to hit theaters. While we were showered with news on a weekly, if not daily basis, we still couldn't get enough! Well, here we go again! The wait and anticipation for New Moon has started and they haven't even started filming.

I was googling images and found this stunning poster made by a fan. (If that fan is reading this, please make a comment, I would love to credit your great work on this poster art.)

If you go to youtube, you'll find various fan-made videos for New Moon as well. 

New Moon is one werewolf movie of 2009, we will all see multiple times!


While there are more and more news around the possible Dakota Fanning signing for the role of Jane in the upcoming sequel, New Moon, we still have yet to hear about Solomon Trimble for the role of Sam. Will he and Krys get to reprise their roles as Sam & Embry?


The Twilight movie was a big hit! Making $339,704,009 in the box office and making around $7 million on midnight showing alone!

There are even Teams being made by fans of many ages.  Team Edward, Team Jacob and even Team Taylor and Team Rob for the actors who play these roles.

The sequel New Moon is  hitting theaters November 20th 2009! YAY!


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