It is said that Paramore WILL be on the New Moon soundtrack! And the Jonas Brothers want to be part of New Moon also. What do you think? Here is a Twilight version of their song Burnin' Up.
Another thing going around is Dakota Fanning playing the part of Jane and Annalynne McCord (90210) as Heidi. I'm guessing that Annalynne's boyfriend Kellan Lutz is the one who pulled her into the Twilight madness!


Nadya Vlassoff, over at The Deadbolt wrote an awesome article concerning the question of how Taylor Lautner will successfully portray Jacob Black in New Moon.

"While the emotional role of Jacob depends on the interpretation of Taylor Lautner, the physical part of his role remains as the much larger question mark. It will have to be a joint effort between the production staff and Lautner in order for the physical changes that Jacob endures in the novel to transform to the screen."

I have absolute faith in Taylor that he is going to do a fantastic job, no doubt whatsoever.  I can't wait for     New Moon! :)  Read the full article here!

- CindyBlack


MSNBC has an article where they focus on the new romance we'll see in New Moon between Jacob Black and Bella Swan, I for one cannot wait to see the chemistry between Taylor and Kristen! 

“I wanted to get ‘Twilight’ over with, let Edward have his time with Bella and get moving with ‘New Moon,’” Lautner, 17, told Life & Style. “It’s about time Jacob got in there.”

The clean-cut Lautner added 30 pounds to his frame to help him unseat Pattinson and appear worthy of Bella’s affections.

“Taylor’s very serious about forming a connection with Kristen,” Rachelle Lefevre, who plays evil vamp Victoria, told Life & Style. “He’ll make sure his relationship with her is just as intense and has just as much chemistry as Rob’s. I think Rob should watch out!”

Move over Rob!, Taylor's coming in to take your spotlight!  Read the rest here. :)

- CindyBlack


Guess What?! The Eclipse movie release date has been leaked! It is said that Eclipse the movie will be out late June 2010!

Read the article here.


Taylor seems to have it all, looks and smarts! and he's also sweet, funny, and he's talented...I could go on and on lol :) Anyway I read this small article of Taylor over at 4tnz, and I found it amusing lol.  Read it here!

- CindyBlack


MTV has posted the official New Moon logo. Read the rest here.


Well, the end of February only means one thing for me – it’s Oscar time!  This year’s Academy Awards, the 81st event, promise to be a little different than previous years. Awards shows this season have been up in viewing numbers, so the Oscars producers certainly want to jump on that train.  As such, rumors are running rampant about the show’s “younger” and “more intimate” feel.  This includes cutting the Best Original Song performances down from full-song performances to 65-second snippets (a decision that prompted Peter Gabriel, who is nominated for a song from the movie WALL-E, to pull out of performing at the show), a live performance during the annual “in memorium” presentation (Queen Latifah singing “I’ll Be Seeing You”… a song that just reminds me of The Notebook), and younger, more relevant presenters (Zac Efron!  Robert Pattinson!  Fangirl scream!).  One thing’s for sure – it should be interesting to watch.

As for the awards themselves, this year finds them dividedly squarely into two groups: the sure things and the toss ups.  Below, find my picks for who I think will win (and why) and who I’m rooting for (and why) the major movie and acting categories.


To follow up on the last post, it was confirmed that Kristen Stewart will be presenting with Robert Pattinson at this Sunday's Oscar Awards. It's not known of Taylor Lautner will be there, though it's unlikely.

See the 81st annual Oscars February 22nd, at 8pm est. on ABC! 


According to, Robert Pattinson is set to present an award at the Oscars.

"HitFix can now exclusively confirm that Robert Pattinson will be presenting an award during this year’s telecast."

Read more here!

It hasn't been said if Kristen or Taylor will join him, but it's for sure that Edward will be present at the award's show Sunday evening. Well I hope they do join him. It'll be a mini-preview of want is to come of the infamous Twilight love triangle.


Wouldn't it be awesome if Taylor, Kristen and Rob presented an award at next week's Oscars (Feb. 22nd)?
Well if Hollywood knows what would make the ratings go way up, they should jump on the Twilight bandwagon and have these three present an award together.

There's been hints about it on eonline but it might just be Kristen. I don't know if Rob has recovered from the Twilight fandom yet and maybe he's still hiding out in London.


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