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Listen, Dre.  You ever see one of 'em... dammit, you run.  You run and you don't look back.



Cye (switzgal)
01/28/2009 17:01

LOL that's funny!!! What??? We're that scary??

Naomi (nafereti)
01/28/2009 17:21

Hahaha... that is too funny!! But it's true... RUNNNN!!!

Amber (Nerd)
01/28/2009 17:42

LOL! I love that one!

Shelly (Runswithwolves)
01/28/2009 20:28

haha I love that, I don't think we are scary.

Angie (MySunJB21)
01/29/2009 17:51

I have just discovered your little Taylor nook....hello all!

10/26/2010 23:03

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